NBA rumors: Miami Heat, trade between Butler and Davis

Yes, rub your eyes, pinch yourselves, but this information is circulating like wildfire among the latest NBA rumors that have arisen. S

Yes, rub your eyes, pinch yourselves, but this information is circulating like wildfire among the latest that have arisen. Sources close to the franchise they are warning of the supreme ambition of Pat Riley and his team ahead of a summer that may be much more eventful than expected. The presence of in the market and the feeling that this team is not enough to qualify for glory, lead those from Florida to contemplate bizarre scenarios in the first instance, but that acquire meaning if they are analyzed thoroughly, as revealed in latesports .com, where the keys to the ideas of the Heat are given.

Every time they already know what they will ask for Brooklyn Nets In order to release KD, the Heat are seriously considering meeting that requirement; either Bam Adebayo or there is no room for negotiation. That’s what New Yorkers have conveyed, and they could find management willing to heed them. Men like Robinson, Lowry or Herro would complete a trade that would bring Durant to the team, just as he had requested. However, they will not settle for that. The power vacuum that would occur in the inside game, with no one having the intimidation, rebounding and low-post scoring ability necessary to qualify for the ring, would not be seen as a mere weakness that the talent of Durant and Butler, but They would seek to correct it.

Miami Heat could sign to trade its two current stars for Durant and Davis

To do this, they would make a move that would economically clean up their accounts and could bring them back part of the wardrobe that they had lost with the incorporation of KD. And it is that negotiating with the for the transfer between and It would place Florida in a position of strength, which, taking advantage of La Ceja’s loss of status in the league, could request some other cash to close the deal. So the new Miami Heat They would have Durant and Davis as bastions, while Lebron would have a shining star on his team, such as Butler, losing an AD with whom the relationship has become entrenched in recent years.