NBA Rumors: Options Ben Simmons to leave Brooklyn Nets

Going from everything to nothing in such a short time is not easy and that is what he has done Ben Simmons. The Australian was perceive

Going from everything to nothing in such a short time is not easy and that is what he has done . The Australian was perceived as one of the best defenders in the league, a man committed to the collective future of his team and on whom any franchise would have bet, despite the absence of his shot. However, everything changed in a very short time. The dismal performance offered in the playoffs two seasons ago, the total lack of progression in shooting and how much he conditions his teams with his peculiar styles, generated a deposit of mistrust that became enormous after verifying his physical and mental problems, as well as a terrible attitude with the Sixers and , after landing in the Big Apple. are now reactivated around a possible change of scenery, as revealed by nbaanalysis.net.

The Nets’ patience is wearing thin and they may contemplate a complete rebuild. Although it is true that the commercial value of the Australian has dropped a lot, they will try to find a way to get rid of him, trusting that his innate virtues at the defensive level can win over a franchise in need of those values. One of the eventual transfers that are being considered is his departure to the Minnesota Timberwolves, in exchange for those from Minneapolis, lacking in offensive talent and in need of defense, accepting to send as a bargaining chip to D’Angelo Russellan old acquaintance of the New York franchise.

Simmons’ trade value is down, but many teams need a defender of his quality

Another feasible option would be New York Knicks, with a Thibodeau who needs players of his profile and whom he can squeeze in defense. The technician is fed up julius randle and this could be the key to unlock Simmons’ situation in the Nets, accompanied by an always desirable veteran like Derrick Rose. The most bizarre option would be the Phoenix Suns, plenty of shooters and knowing that they have to unlock the exit of DeAndre Ayton. An exchange between two players through the Bahamian’s sign&trade could make sense for both teams and, above all, for the two basketball professionals, reviled in their current squads.