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NBA Rumors: Options Chicago Bulls signing Kevin Durant

One also lives by illusions, or at least works with creativity, and that is what they are doing in the management of imagining a future linked to that of . The historic player still of the Nets can change the course of the league with his decision and there are innumerable around him and the most interested franchises. The Suns, Heat and Sixers are the ones that have sounded the loudest so far, but no one can resist the siren song of knowing that one of the best in history is looking for a team. No matter how tied up your competitive project is with Zach Lavin, speeding up the process with the signing of KD is a dream for which the Illinois want to be prepared, with the aim of being able to act quickly if the opportunity arises. From they present the plan they manage to achieve the long-awaited transfer.

Once they have managed to retain Lavine, their trick to be part of this bid would be the unexpected and that the soap opera would expand. They need a few months to pass until they can negotiate with the recently signed Zach, who has always wanted to be a star in New York and who has been able to sign more for economic interest than for sporting conviction. He doesn’t look entirely comfortable with Lonzo or DeRozan since they take a lot of the ball out of his hands, so the current Bulls star wouldn’t look badly on being traded for KD. To this, it would be necessary to add some more pieces, such as Patrick Williams, as well as two first rounds of the Draft, from 2027 and 2029.

Lavine could mark an era in Brooklyn Nets

With that package it seems likely that chicago bulls could convince the Brooklyn Nets of the suitability of the transfer, looking for a tremendous immediacy in the fight for the ring. He would keep a compact block with DeMar, Lonzo and Vucevic, in which Kevin Durant could magic and imbalance. And it is that Zach Lavin Not only is he already a great player of All Star caliber, but he has a future projection that could re-found an exciting sports project for New Yorkers. It’s still early, but it’s worth knowing that this alternative exists and that the Bulls management will be very prepared in case any minimal opportunity arises.

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