NBA Rumors: Players who can reinforce contenders for the ring

In life there are opportunities that cannot be missed and when two parties seem condemned to make a joint commitment to achieve a suprem

In life there are opportunities that cannot be missed and when two parties seem condemned to make a joint commitment to achieve a supreme goal, it is necessary to redouble efforts to unite paths. That is what emerges from the increasingly numerous around the possibility that three players have been detected by the best franchises of the moment as the men to sign before the deadline ends, on February 10. In such a long season, the contenders for the ring are aware that they need bench depth, versatile players who can offer good sporting performance and winning intangibles. That is where these men are framed, who according to Hoopshype, are all the pools to swell a winning squad.

(San Antonio Spurs)

The definitive hatching of Murray and the lack of competitive guarantees of the Texan team has made White be detected as a player as appealing as he is affordable. His defensive performance is beyond doubt and he is the type of player that every coach wants to have in his squad, capable of helping on both sides of the pitch, playing point guard or shooting guard, directing with solvency and not needing much of the ball to have a positive influence on the team. Atlanta Hawks, badly in need of defensive consistency, drink the winds for a man who would relieve Young of management and defense responsibilities, leaving the talented point guard to be a free verse on the team.

(Houston Rockets)

A veteran of his level does not fit into the current context that the Rockets present, so the logical thing is that he ends up leaving. This possibility has been talked about since the beginning of the season and the fact that it did not materialize may be due to the many interested in taking over their services. He has playoff experience, spreads the floor effectively and can microwave at times, which is invaluable to any aspiring team. The Cleveland Cavaliers are the most insistent franchise to date in their attempts to gain his services, also using him as a mentor for Garland.

Kenrich WilliamsOklahoma City Thunder)

A player cannot wither away from his potential at the best moment of his career. While it is true that his emergence has been favored by the lack of competitiveness in OKC, it is time to make the leap and show that he can be a vital player in the rotation of a winning team. Efficient perimeter defender, very neat with the ball and with a high percentage of success in his shots, he is appealing to the vast majority of teams with competitive ambition.