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NBA rumors possible Dallas Mavericks midseason signings

The enormous competitiveness in the Western Conference means that many teams are in handkerchief and any detail can determine who aspires to reduce distances with respect to the Warriors and Suns and who can see their place in the elite in danger. he is aware that he cannot put off the next qualitative leap in his process any longer, and even more seeing the great level of play that Kristaps Porzingis is offering. Due to this and that the franchise is not completely reliable at the moment, the management of the Texans are probing the market, according to , in search of some reinforcement of a level that allows them to go up a notch and offer alternative guarantees to their main offensive and defensive assets. There are three big candidates according to

, need for outside pitch

The Kings forward is an old desire of the Texans, urgently in need of an effective and clairvoyant shooter, who does not require amassing the ball to be important, Brunson and Hardaway are two players who need to generate their own shots, so an alternative more like Finney-Smith, but with more offensive talent, like Hield, it would be something very important for them. The competitive future of the Californians is not exciting at all for a player eager for ambition to be important.

, veteran and trade at the service of the collective

He is one of those examples of a veteran who can play a huge role coming off the bench on a team that is aspiring to glory. Capable of opening the court, defending all types of players, catching rebounds and attacking the low post, his days at the Kings seem to be long overdue. His experience and generosity in the game could go very well for the team, although his profile is apparently less necessary than that of a natural marksman.

Jakob Poetl, rebounding power that gives Porzingis air

While it is true that Kidd has managed to get Kristaps to step on the paint much more and be an efficient rebounder, the Latvian is not entirely comfortable there and on defense he has to make extra efforts that, in the long run, can take their toll. Detaching some of its interiors, such as Cauley-Stein or Powell, would open space for this pure five to continue to develop in a much more competitive environment than the one it now has at the Spurs.


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