NBA rumors: Possible fates of Jerami Grant

Since he landed on Detroit Pistons It was an open secret that the long-term future of Jerami grant could not be tied to this franchise.

Since he landed on Detroit Pistons It was an open secret that the long-term future of could not be tied to this franchise. The reconstruction context in which the LaMotown are immersed is not compatible with a player in a mature stage and ready to reap the greatest individual and collective successes of his career. He has had the opportunity to earn money and show off with full competitive freedom, in a phase in which he has proven to be a very useful player for winning projects. That is what causes are completely unleashed around a more than likely change of scenery, always before February 10, there are four teams that are candidates for the ring, according to Hoopshype, very well positioned and bidding to incorporate a piece that could increase their favoritism.

Salt Lake City want to improve their defensive performance on the perimeter, making it very difficult for teams to double the ball once they encounter intimidation from Gobert. They have more than enough options to offer succulent draft rounds for the Pistons, while also making the trade viable financially if they send Joe Ingles or Jordan Clarkson along with some other minor player, or decide to dispense with Bogdanovic.

A guaranteed forward who can play as a 4 is what the Illinois team lacks to complete a quintet that is difficult to improve. Their defensive capacity is very high thanks to Ball and Caruso, but incorporating Grant would exempt Vucevic from work on the rebound and closing the rim, thus giving them a qualitative leap. They may be willing to forgo Patrick Williams, although they also have the option of offering a first round draft and two of the next three players: Derrick Jones, Coby White and Troy Brown.

The absence due to injury of Dario Saric, coupled with his high salary, makes Arizonans contemplate the need to incorporate a player like Grant. They would be happy to get rid of the Croatian, although they should include another player like Jalen Smith or Cameron Johnson to convince the Pistons. They would be a fearsome team, with practically no holes in defense or attack, and they would become favorites in the ring.

A blow of effect as resounding as necessary. That’s what the Angels would give if they got Grant, whose defensive talent would relieve Lebron of a lot of work and reduce the impact of Davis’ injury. They have plenty of players to offer, and the Pistons’ most palatable in the long run would be Talen Horton-Tucker. To this, you could add Kendrick Nunn and rookie Austin Reaves.