NBA Rumors: Possible revolution in New York Knicks, changes

When not only expectations are not met, but an upward trend is abruptly interrupted and the failure is absolute, as is the case with New

When not only expectations are not met, but an upward trend is abruptly interrupted and the failure is absolute, as is the case with this season, it is not surprising that management explores all possible options to radically change the squad. This is what is brewing in the offices of the Big Apple, which are brimming with activity these days with an eye on the next campaign, according to . And it is that the project built by last year has been diluted and there is a sense of panic about the possibility that the young group that should lead the team to glory, will not be enough and a new formula will have to be reinvented to place the Knicks with options for success. From Hoopshype they explore the options.

, asterisked continuity

The cache of power forward talent has dropped dramatically due to his dismal performance this season and his poor behavior on and off the court. The Knicks don’t trust him anymore, but they know it wouldn’t make sense to get rid of him at a bargain price. He has a guaranteed contract for next year, so the intention is to try to give him confidence to see if he picks up the slack, without ruling out a transfer.

For years, the Knicks haven’t signed a young player to a notable contract when he comes off his rookie deal, but the trend looks set to break in his case. They have the utmost confidence that he will continue to evolve and they perceive him as a cornerstone of the project.

It remains untapped and the time has come to offer him a long-term contract extension and for a good amount. He can demand a lot in the deal after seeing all the money the Knicks gave Noel and it’s not ruled out that he could leave the team. There are several franchises very interested in him, such as the Phoenix Suns and the Detroit Pistons.

Nerlens Noel

There is a firm possibility that he will leave the team because if Robinson is not renewed, the Knicks will go after some star in the interior game, like Ayton, and if they renew him the idea will be to turn around and get rid of the money that Noel receives . Lakers and Raptors are very interested.

kemba walker

He will enter a transfer in exchange for draft rounds and a secondary player. He doesn’t charge too much so it won’t be difficult for them to get rid of him, there are still several teams that want to put themselves in the hands of his innate talent.

Cam Reddish

It may surprise many, but the Knicks aren’t convinced this player can make it on the team, so they’re open to a trade. He remains an interesting business asset despite his injuries.

Tom Thibodeau

The management considers that the coach has burned the youngsters with his tremendous demands and has failed to take advantage of the good work done last year. They have serious doubts about his continuity on the bench.