NBA rumors: Possible trades from CJ McCollum

There is a prevailing need for change and all options go through handing over to CJ McCollum. After a few months of competition, that f

There is a prevailing need for change and all options go through handing over to . After a few months of competition, that feeling has penetrated deep into , aware that they need to surround with different pieces to Damian Lillard if they want to convince their big star to stay on the team. While it is true that some They have focused on an eventual departure from the point guard, now it seems clear that the season will end in Oregon and that a possible improvement at the collective level involves strengthening the defense. The only way to give a twist to the project and incorporate an important player in this sense, despite the fact that they already have specialists such as Covington or Nance Jr, is to get rid of McCollum and Hoopshype reveals formulas for it.

Option to sign

There is no doubt that signing the best defender last year would be an apparent coup for the Blazers, but the sheer amount of controversy surrounding the Australian means that they are not entirely convinced to bet on him. In any case, Lillard has hinted on more than one occasion that he would like to play alongside Simmons, which may be decisive for management launching a highly controversial signing.


The relationship between the Cameroonian and the Raptors has reached a point of no return and it may be best for both parties to separate. This is seen more and more clearly in the NBA, so Portland could take the opportunity to trade McCollum for a Siakam that would give them great versatility and open more spaces for Lillard on offense. He can defend all kinds of players and needs a change of scene to get back to his best level.

Pacers deal with Myles Turner involved

If those of Indianapolis do not take flight soon, they would be willing to give a Copernican twist to their project and dispense with the pivot. His arrival in Oregon would greatly alter the operation of the team and would once again give Lillard the possibility of having a great and defensive center, as it happened with Whiteside years ago. Another option is to talk to the Cleveland Cavaliers to sign Jarrett Allen in exchange for McCollum, but Bickerstaff seems comfortable playing big three, while Jerami Grant is a player who could also be a good fit in Portland.