NBA rumors: Seth Curry could sign for the Los Angeles Lakers

Desperation is sinking deep into Los Angeles Lakers and the management works overtime to find solutions to a critical situation, such as

Desperation is sinking deep into and the management works overtime to find solutions to a critical situation, such as the one they currently have. For many that circulate around the departure of Westbrook and the arrival of Irving, are very far from materializing and the only reality at this time is that the staff has barely been reinforced. Lebron James is not willing to put up with another year like the last two and is going to tighten the nuts of the entire organization to make a move. He could be a very useful player for the Angelenos and his arrival would respond to resignation for getting rid of a Russ who does not inspire any interest in the league and will continue to be a burden, as indicated by nbaanalysis.net.

One of the expendable players on the current squad and who could be part of Westbrook’s exit package is the forward Talen Horton-Tucker. Both he and some first rounds of the Draft are the main commercial assets with which the Lakers can negotiate to carry out a transfer that paves the way for Russ. However, after having thoroughly surveyed the market, they have realized that it will be very difficult to get rid of the wayward point guard. That, together with the rush that they are entering to reinforce themselves with some useful player, has made them set the goal of incorporating Seth Curry, a player who would seem decisive sharing the court with Lebron.

Horton-Tucker would be the key for the arrival of Seth Curry to Lakers

Thus, the plan they could manage is to give Horton-Tucker and a Draft round in exchange for the very brother, taking advantage of the good relations with . This exchange could even be the prelude to a negotiation for a change of scenery between Westbrook and Irving, but it would be carried out completely independently. The Nets could do very well with a Talen Horton-TuckHe is the one they trust to develop and confirm his star project, giving him many minutes if Durant finally leaves the team. For its part, Seth Curry it would effectively open up the pitch and award an inexhaustible stream of points.