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NBA Rumors: Teams that can sign Julius Randle

In just one year, things have changed so drastically in the that there is no player who is assured of permanence, not even the star who should have led them to glory in a mid-term project: . The power forward, as talented as he is with a difficult character, has performed well below the expected level, incurring severe behavioral problems with teammates, the coaching staff and the board of directors. This is what leads to management, according to to explore the market in search of an All Star player with a different profile, which will allow them to rebuild a project with very interesting young foundations that need an accomplished star and some experience, as indicated by

One of the teams that starts with the most options to bid high for Randle are the New Orleans Pelicans. They seem determined to put Zion on the market and the option of a trade between the two and another asset seems quite viable. They are players with similar profiles, both on and off the field, and a change of scenery may be what they both need to re-launch their sports careers. It would be a very good destination for Randle since they would give him the keys to the team, allowing him to be the maximum reference, something that would not happen in Dallas Mavericks, another interested party. Doncic needs a reference inside player, and Julius’s talent is beyond doubt, but there are certain suspicions regarding the chemistry that could exist between the two.

Randle needs to feel like a protagonist in the team he’s on

The third in contention would be Washington Wizards, one of the teams that are called to grow significantly in the near future and become a team with options for success next season. The idea of ​​betting on countercultural basketball, such as playing with a Big Ball in which Porzingis and Randle shared minutes in the paint, is gaining more and more strength. In addition, it would be a vital move to convince Beal of his continuity in an exciting project.

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