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NBA Rumors: The four teams that sigh for Zach LaVine

In the middle of the 2022 NBA Playoffs Conference Finals, there is less and less time left for the 2022 Free Agency to begin, in which the transfer market for the North American basketball competition will open. With many names on the table, the machine is already running at full steam.

The most desired player today is none other than . On May 1st, the player from chicago bulls He made a series of statements in which he made it very clear that he was going to listen to all kinds of offers that were put on the table. He did not want to renew immediately, his goal is to enjoy Free Agency as long as possible.

These words from the escort of the Illinois franchise put many franchises to work who aspire to hit the table this summer to fight for the ring next year. As reported by the Bulls insider for Sports Chicago, KC Johnson, right now there are four teams that are starting to push for LaVine’s transfer.

These four franchises are as follows: , , and .

Waiting for what happens with Brunson

The Mavs, before going after Zach LaVine, will focus first on seeing what happens with the Brunson renewal. The player is having a great season (including the playoffs) and yearns for a contract with a salary of around 20 million dollars.

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