NBA rumors: The Knicks are considering the return of Carmelo Anthony

This coming summer, with the arrival of Free Agency 2022, there are possibilities that the return of carmel anthony a New York Knicks.

This coming summer, with the arrival of , there are possibilities that the return of a . The veteran forward of the Los Angeles Lakers ends his contract with the Los Angeles franchise, and nothing has yet come out in the that indicates the team’s interest in renewing his player for another year.

This is where the Big Apple franchise comes in. According to the New York Post, the Knicks are seriously considering bringing Melo back this summer. In fact, following the information from the Post, there have already been conversations between the team and the player for this to happen as soon as the Free Agency is open.

Carmelo Anthony spent six memorable seasons as a Knicks player between 2011 and 2017. His arrival, in addition to the injection of nostalgia it would produce in the franchise’s fans, would mean a huge leap in quality when it comes to the depth of the roster. Directed by Tim Thibodeau.

A substitute for guarantees

In recent years, Melo has proven to be a great second unit player on both the Portland Trail Blazers and the Los Angeles Lakers. Between the two teams he has averaged 14 points per game off the bench. In fact, his three-point percentage record came with the Oregon franchise in the 2020/21 campaign, where he reached 41% success.

In the Knicks this aspect is very necessary. This past season has needed a player in that role, who can score points when the two stars, RJ Barrett and Julius Randle, aren’t particularly inspired.