NBA Rumors: The two candidates for the ring who want Gallinari

The Italian Danilo Gallinari He will enter, in the 2022/23 season, his last year of contract with the Atlanta Hawks where he will receiv

The Italian He will enter, in the 2022/23 season, his last year of contract with the where he will receive 21 million dollars, although they are not guaranteed. The Georgia franchise could do without him whenever he wanted. However, it does not seem that there is a chance that the power forward will be left without a team during the next NBA course.

There are at least two teams that are interested in transferring Gallinari. This has been advanced by the Bleacher Report journalist, Jake Fischer. and They see the Italian player as a very valuable asset in the objective of both franchises to lift the NBA champion ring in the 2023 Playoffs.

A transfer to minimize the damage of Tucker’s departure

The first of them wants Danilo Gallinari as a replacement for a PJ Tucker of whom all practically assure that he will sign with the Philadelphia 76ers in Free Agency 2022 (a three-year contract and 30 million dollars in return).

Scorer signings as mandatory duties for Brad Stevens

The Celtics, on the other hand, believe Gallinari can be a great starting point to improve their depth in the rotation for Ime Udoka, one of the franchise’s targets this summer. Despite reaching the NBA Finals, in many moments of these last playoffs for the ring the team suffered a lot in scoring with its second unit of just two players (Derrick White and Grant Williams).