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NBA rumors: This is how Brandon Ingram could get to the Warriors

The season 2021/22 is exciting for fans of . After two seasons marked by injuries, the end of the tunnel is approaching. Stephen Curry He is in one of the best moments of his career (current top scorer in the league and third in the MVP vote) and Klay Thompson is close to returning (everything indicates that he will do it on Christmas Day).

Thus, echoing something that is not even anything that has to do with , but the classic speculations of some NBA analysts, we find the scenario proposed by Zach Buckley, from Bleacher Report, who would end up sending to Golden State Warriors:

Handover scenario

Obviously, for this trade to happen, the Warriores would have to be willing to stop counting on Kuminga (we know they would have no problem including Wiggins and Wiseman in a negotiation for a third star). We will see, we can say that everything is possible. Curry is 32 years old and the Warriors’ project to win a fourth ring with these players is of the present and not of waiting for the future.


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