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NBA Rumors: Trade Anthony Davis for Donovan Mitchell

What , uncomfortable with a star on each team who wants to get out of the discipline and find a life elsewhere, seeking a resurgence of his battered career. So much What have been singled out for the failures of both groups and in this exchange, proposed by and encouraged by many could open an exciting stage for both.

The chemistry between Ceja and Lebron has been broken and the purple and gold franchise are ready to totally change the face of the team. While it is true that the priority continues to be getting rid of Westbrook, they know that they will not be able to obtain much in exchange for him, so they are open to seeking a transfer for Davis that will give them the possibility of replacing him with another All Star player. Knowing the desire Mitchell to leave Salt Lake City, it is inevitable that Los Angeles management will not prepare some succulent offer that makes the exchange viable and revolutionizes the competition. Donovan would be a present and future signing, who would assume the role of maximum leader in a few years, when Lebron retires or leaves.

AD and two draft picks, to sign Mitchell

The AD cache has dropped a lot, so the Lakers would have to offer, in addition to him, two Draft selections, from 2027 and 2028, with the aim of making the signing of Donovan Mitchell. This would allow the Utah Jazz to have a player to compete with immediately, but also to have future tricks to accelerate a reconstruction that will come sooner rather than later. It could be an ideal opportunity for you Anthony Davis feel like the sole leader of a team again and take advantage of the shooters present in the Salt Lake City franchise to accumulate attention in the area and then double balls out. It will be necessary to see if the operation is viable.

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