NBA Rumors: Warriors players in exchange for Kuminga

The desire to improve and have a more balanced squad is what leads to Golden State Warriors not to neglect the future, despite being opt

The desire to improve and have a more balanced squad is what leads to not to neglect the future, despite being opting for the ring in the present. This is demonstrated by seeing how they continuously arise around the possibility of sacrificing one of their best youngsters, as is jonathan kumiga, with the purpose of making salary and sports space for a great star. If they win the ring they could abort this operation and rely on the exponential growth of both Kuminga and Moody and Wiseman, but if they are not able to win the championship, they will look for a change of gear that allows them to compete for the maximum in the short term, although I suppose to mortgage your future. This is how nbaanalysis.net reveals it, which points out three players of great interest to the San Francisco management.

The opportunity to have a dominant center on defense who can intimidate and complement Green, while opening up space for the best shooters in the world on offense, is a dream for the Warriors. His departure from Utah is taken for granted and the arrival of a young value like Kuminga to a project in need of renewal, such as that of the Jazz, could pave the way. Wiggins would be another clearly expendable player.

Bradley Beal

A perimeter dream team is what the Warriors could aim to put together. It is assumed that Poole will remain in the team and will be a key player, but if the option of having a more established player such as Beal arises, they will not miss it. Kuminga would be part of any operation that had the objective of attracting the Wizards, being able to part with Otto Porter Jr or even Wiggins or Poole.

Pascal Siakam

He is the type of player that they lack and that would make the team practically unapproachable. The Cameroonian could play any role in the starting five and would greatly improve the team’s defence. He seems like the least feasible option.