NBA Rumors: Where Donovan Mitchell Might Go This Summer

It can only stay. while the NBA rumors loom over the more than probable exit of Utah Jazz by Donovan Mitchell or Gobert, each of the pr

It can only stay. while the loom over the more than probable exit of by or Gobert, each of the protagonists is assuming their position facing a summer that is expected to be very busy. There are even many voices that do not rule out that both leave Salt Lake City, given the bad feelings with which the season has ended and the growing interest of many franchises. Especially longed for is a Mitchell who sees himself with options to establish himself as a fundamental player in any team and generate a legacy in it, in addition to fighting for the ring. But Donovan has his preferences and has already let those around him know which two franchises he would like to go to, according to nbaanalysis.net.

Although most information to date has focused on the possibility of the Knicks turning Mitchell into their reference player, two other teams have strongly emerged that the shooting guard would see very favorably for his future. One of them would be Miami Heat. Those from Florida want to build a winning dynasty and would be willing to sacrifice one of their shooters, such as Robinson, Strus or Herro, even another piece of notable value, in order to form a particular Big 3 between Butler, Mitchell and Adebayo. In the event that the Heat are not champions, this option will take on a special strength and Donovan could evolve a lot as a player in that ecosystem.

New York Knicks is the third way

The other team that has the approval of the player is Atlanta Hawks. It may be surprising that the Georgians are willing to bet on a player with an offensive and perimeter vocation already having Young, but this year it has become clear that they not only need defense, but also star-level offensive players to complement the power of Bring. Doubts come from the defensive weakness that could be generated by having two small players on the court, but Donovan Mitchell would be willing to try his luck with a game generator as spectacular as the Hawks point guard, being able to mutually benefit from the spaces that the other opens up .