NBA rumors: Wizards want Domantas Sabonis or Jerami Grant

The most promising start to the season Washington Wizards served to restore a certain illusion to a franchise that lives with the desire

The most promising start to the season served to restore a certain illusion to a franchise that lives with the desire to retain Bradley Beal. Having diluted those positive feelings and now fighting to enter the play-in has been serious, so the management sees with fear how this bad competitive drift could favor the departure of its great star. That is why they are willing to give the big surprise before the closing of the transfer market, existing about his interest in recruiting a player who can solidly play the second sword role and equip the team with what it takes to fight for very high levels of success, as Hoopshype points out.

Looking at the financial and sports options of the Wizards, there are two players for whom they have shown enormous interest in recent hours and who could be available for a lightning transfer, which would clearly shake the league. One of them is , who continues to be dissatisfied with the Indiana Pacers, seeing how the team does not work and does not feel comfortable with Myles Turner, having to put up with the reluctance of the team’s managers when it comes to transferring him definitively and giving the Lithuanian all the prominence. It would be an ideal option for those from Washington, since it would allow them to reinforce an interior game in which they have a lot of room for improvement.

The arrival of Grant would improve the defense, but would conflict with Kuzma

The other option that they contemplate and for which they are willing to fight is . The talented and hard-working Pistons forward is willing to push to leave a team he doesn’t fit in with, as he is eager to compete and be a key part of an aspiring team. His role could overlap with Kuzma’s, although he would give the Wizards much greater defensive power, something they urgently need to make a qualitative leap.