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NBA: Serbia’s spectacular party before the Eurobasket with… Jokic as king of the court!

Lhe basketball team is a star-studded team. Nikola Jokic or Bogdan Bogdanovic. Beyond being great basketball players, the Serbs are real characters In the best sense of the word.

It is not the first time that funny images of players have been shown like Boban Marjanovic or Nikola Jokic putting on a show off the basketball court. For example, Marjanovic amused some kids at a summer campus by putting caps on them and not letting them make a basket. Jokic has also left spectacular images, for example, when he arrived in a horse carriage to pick up his NBA MVP.

The two players, along with some other teammates went to a disco to celebrate, it seems, Marjanovic’s birthday. The basketball players left unpublished images, dancing in the disco a few weeks before the start of the Eurobasket. Even Nikola Jokic was encouraged to take a flag of his country and wave it while sipping drinks from a glass in his hands.

the serbs they showed that they are not only good at playing basketballbut also dancing. Like Jokic, who proved to be an MVP, on and off the trackbe it ‘basketball’ or dance.

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