NBA Stats: Stephen Curry, Game 4 NBA Finals 2022

The worst of his nightmares. That's what she's become Stephen Curry for all their rivals in the league for many years and in the fourth

The worst of his nightmares. That’s what she’s become for all their rivals in the league for many years and in the fourth game of the 2022 He offered a perfect synthesis of the reasons that make him one of the best players in history. the base of It has a special magic that makes it shine in adverse situations, respond to the highest expectations in those moments that determine the competitive future of a team and mark the history of the league. Their In this match that seemed key for his team, scoring 43 points and effectively leading all his teammates, he speaks clearly of his dimension as an athlete.

In a match of this magnitude and with the defenses that arise in the playoffs, and even more so in the case of the Celtics, for an outside player to be able to score more than 40 points is almost impossible, but he also captured 10 bounces. Numbers of this caliber had only been signed twice before in a Finals match; the protagonists were two authentic myths of this competition, such as Magic Johnson and Jerry West. But perhaps the most incredible thing is that Stephen has achieved it with cumulative success rates in these NBA Finals 2022 that are beyond human understanding, registering 50% in field goals and 49% in triples.

Broadening the vision of his exploits and the legitimization of his power in the elite, we must mention the fact that he is one of the three players who has scored 70 triples in the playoffs, achieving it up to five times and beating all precedents. conceivable in this sense. The winning dynasty of Golden State Warriors It could not be explained without this man, with whom they have already reached 100 postseason victories since he was drafted in 2010. Scandal numbers that boost the team’s confidence towards a new ring and present Stephen Curry as a living legend of this competition.