NBA: Summary, result and statistics of the Golden State Warriors

Update narrativeView full narrative It's big day, it's finals day. With night and treachery if they are in Spain, but the NBA returns for its secon

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It’s big day, it’s finals day. With night and treachery if they are in Spain, but the returns for its second game in the great fight for the championship ring. We are not abandoning the spectacular Chase Center in San Francisco, because the Boston Celtics They return to the Bahia Coliseum after their feat in the first duel. It was a prodigious last quarter, with success and the appearance of luxury secondaries (Derrick White and Payton Pritchard) helped them to beat some Golden State Warriors who ended up ‘freaking out’. An immense Curry was not enough and Steve Kerr’s pupils fell.

Thus, the finals return for the second chapter. One, in which the Warriors would have to propose something more in defensive tasks. One, in which the Boston Celtics can ensure they reach their stronghold, the TD Garden, with much of the way walked. In a new duel of stars, with a Stephen Curry who must return to callus -as happened in ‘Game 1’- and a Jayson Tatum forced to improve his sensations from his first foray into a match like this. Let’s not forget other names, like Jaylen Brown -fundamental in the reaction of Boston- or Klay Thompson.

Golden State or Boston. A hopeful 1-1 or a killer 0-2 are the possible outcomes. An early final in the finals that neither experts expected (they mostly favored the Warriors) nor the Western champions themselves. Although some like Draymond Green believe that nothing happens there. Thus, we tell MARCA everything about the second game of the NBA Finals. All about a star duel. The ring in the best jewelry in the world returns to the scene. From the Chase Center new dynasties will be built. We start with the NBA night!