NBA: The controversial Campazzo, lost in the controversy, does not find his magic

Facundo Campazzo has become one of the NBA stars in the last 48 hours because of 'fault' his pique with Ricky Rubio in the game against the Cavalie

has become one of the NBA stars in the last 48 hours because of ‘fault’ his pique with Ricky Rubio in the game against the Cavaliers. The Argentine provoked the scuffle with the Spaniard after an action in which he collided with the knee of the Cavaliers base, causing Rubio’s anger and the viral reaction in networks of basketball fans, who threw his face to Facu gesture.

The play, dangerous because the Spanish point guard has his leg supported at the moment of impact, was even valued by former Vice President of the Government Pablo Iglesias, which disfigures Campazzo’s action and calls for the reconciliation of both players: “Facu Campazzo is an exceptional point guard, but he goes to Ricky’s knee. These things happen in basketball and in so many other areas. I hope they reconcile with a hug, but I think Ricky Rubio is right to get angry. “

The action dusted off old ghosts around the figure of the Argentine and his way of understanding the game. An intensity that seems to have not yet found on the court in this second season. The point guard has not just entered the game and after the controversy with Rubio he was beaten for the second consecutive night against the Jazz in a game in which he barely managed to three points in 19 minutes of play by scoring 3 of 4 personnel pitches and missing the only field goal he made, captured two rebounds, gave an assist and recovered a ball. Numbers that do not do justice to the quality of a point guard today disputed by actions that make one forget how good a player he is.

The Knicks They are one of the teams that has started the season hottest in the NBA, showing that what they achieved last season is not the result of chance. New Yorkers, moreover, have given a twist to their game and now in addition to biting in defense with the Thibodeau stamp, they also kill you in attack. The Madison team has three victories in the first four games of the season and they also do it as the team that has tried the most triples (187), the second that has made the most (70) and the third best attack in the NBA (121 points on average). Something is definitely changing in New York.

Don Stephen and the Warriors currently have no one to stop them in the Western Conference. Curry has shown that he doesn’t need even his best version since triple to scare the rest of the NB. With a multipurpose Draymond Green by his side and Steve Kerr’s extensive rotation, the two-time NBA MVP wants to win back his crown while he waits the return of klay thompson. At the moment there are four victories in as many games to lead the Wild West after their last victory against the Thunder with 23 points and four triples from an alien disguised as a basketball player.


  • Knicks 112-99 Sixers
  • Warriors 106-98 Thunder
  • Mavericks 116-106 Rockets
  • Spurs 121-125 Lakers
  • Jazz 122-110 Nuggets

Rudy Gobert was quick to show his credentials to claim his fourth NBA Defender of the season trophy. The French is the leader of the Jazz and he does it against the current, from the defense. However, against the , in the game in which the Salt Lake City team achieved its third victory of the season, the Frenchman was unleashed in attack with 23 points and 16 rebounds.