NBA: The one the Warriors can put together when Klay Thompson returns

Updated 10/22/2021 - 09:41 The Warriors rub their hands and the rest of the teams in the NBA she is worried. TO Stephen Curry, who has already o

10/22/2021 –

The Warriors rub their hands and the rest of the teams in the NBA she is worried. TO , who has already offered his first recital of the season, will join in not long Klay thompson. He has not played for two years after a rupture of the knee ligaments and then another in the Achilles tendon, but he is close to the level he had before the misfortunes Golden state you can put it together. To win the ring? Not the same, but they are going to have fun for a while.

“This will be a great, great season in the Chase Center“Curry said, microphone in hand, before the game.” I can’t wait to welcome Klay Thompson, “he assured. And the Warriors fans were salivated.

Then Curry did a dream quarter with 25 points without missing any of his nine shots, including five triples. “I don’t know if I’ve had a perfect start like that before, but I had a good feeling from the opening jump,” he explained. And yes, he had already lived a period like that, although not to start a game. On April 14 of this year he made another 25 with 8/8.

In NBA history, only one other player had reached 25 points in a single quarter with at least five points and no shooting miss. It was … Klay Thompson: on January 23, 2015 he did 37 with 13/13 shooting from the field and nine 3-pointers. As for the Warriors not to dream.

It was not a happy event for Luka doncic. In the premiere of the course, the point guard of the Mavericks meets 200 NBA games and there was no occasion to celebrate anything. He suffered before the defense of De’Andre Hunter and, although he near the triple-double (18 + 11 + 7), was below their level. His team, too.

“I believe that we play in a terrible way. It was our first game, we have a new coach, a new coaching staff, two new players … We will be fine but today was a terrible day. We weren’t able to score anything. We still have 81 more games, there is nothing to worry about, “he said, taking away the loss. “We were bad, really bad”, corroborate Kristaps Porzingis.

Was the Jason Kidd’s first game in front of the Mavericks and it was clear that they have a lot of work ahead of them. He said they were going to shoot less 3-pointers and more from mid-range, against the direction of current basketball, and in their debut it hasn’t worked at all.

“They kicked our ass. That sometimes happens in the NBA, “he had to admit. Mike budenholzer. The coach of champions bucks he was sincere after a match in which his team started 22-3. From there, nowhere. In the end they were 42 points disadvantage. The Heat they came up short of the biggest beating in their history. His record is +43 at Clippers in 1994. What they beat was their top scorer and point difference in a premiere.

Not even Giannis Antetokounmpo could avoid the humiliation. The defense raised by Miami tied the colossus, who had 15 points, 10 rebounds and two assists. Good numbers for most humans, but not for a mythological animal like him..

One of the architects of the Bucks beating was Tyler herro, who scored 27 points coming off the bench and playing only 25 minutes. Is he Heat’s scoring record in such a short time. Last season he was not at the level that his progression indicated, but this summer he has worked hard to take several steps forward.

His first game was a declaration of intent and, in addition, he had a thirst for revenge after the Bucks 4-0 in the last playoffs: “Last year, we felt that we were ashamed”. At only 21 years old, more mature and with his new fatherhood, it may be his season.