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NBA: This is how Draymond Green talks about the alleged “joint” between LeBron and Kyrie Irving | Basketball 123

Frank Villanueva

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The recent NBA champion has been very active on social media recently. True to form, the power forward said the Warriors are “better than everyone else” during their championship parade in San Francisco and now he’s doubling down on his statement.

Draymond Green spoke with Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw to go over his latest title run, running a successful podcast, the concept of “new media” and other basketball-related topics.

Shaw asked the champion if adding Kyrie Irving to the Lakers would make them a contender and Green replied:

“With LeBron, if you give someone like Kyrie … they will have a chance because of the way Kyrie can play basketball. LeBron is just going to put him in a position to do that. Kyrie hasn’t shown himself to be a great leader. LeBron is going to put a umbrella over that. If you can do what you’re good at, you’ve got LeBron leading.”

Kyrie Irving has never been the leader of a locker room despite playing point guard. He has a reputation for being unreliable and a bad teammate. His only stint as a lone superstar on the team was with the Boston Celtics, and that experiment failed.

Draymond Green, however, isn’t afraid the dynamic duo will reunite in his Pacific Division.

“They could compete, but they won’t beat us.”

According to most bookmakers and analysts, the Golden State Warriors are the heavy favorites to win the NBA title in 2023.

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