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Meridian Drafting It is not the first time that Kevin Garnett has surrendered to the greatness of an NBA player, or at least one that


It is not the first time that has surrendered to the greatness of an player, or at least one that generates an impact in the league, despite having faced on several occasions and losing the duel, in he once called him “The Michael Jordan of his era,” but now there seems to be a successor to “The King.”

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According to Garnett, is the successor to the Los Angeles Lakers forward, who currently dominates the league and is listed by many sports specialists and fans as the best player today.

Following Curry’s last championship with the Golden State Warriors, and his Finals MVP, Garnett joined the group of retired players who bowed in praise of “Chef.”

“I think we’re in the era of Step and Golden State. I think we have to put a lot more respect on his name, because he’s not done, they’re not done, really Step has changed the game, he’s put the game to another level,” KG told international media.

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In the current season, the Warriors driver has shown the same unstoppable level of the finals, in which he has signed three games with 30 points or more, being a great start for a veteran star today.