NBA: Warriors cheat: playing with Curry shouldn’t be allowed

Adam Silver, Mark Tatum and the rest of the NBA executives have to sit down to review the league regulations and add a caption in which it is said

Adam Silver, Mark Tatum and the rest of the NBA executives have to sit down to review the league regulations and add a caption in which it is said that playing with Martians like It is not allowed because it is too great an advantage for any team. Because the base of the Warriors begins to not be of this planet. Or at least that’s the only possible explanation for its performance.

This season Curry is showing that is above the rest and that your contest should be either prohibited or limited to equalize the conditions of the competition. An NBA that now dominates with an iron fist and in which it is the great favorite at this point to be the MVP of the competition. And all with an ease and naturalness that make you think that yours is not of this world.

The point guard goes from recital to recital and against the Clippers he drew his rifle again to score seven 3-pointers from 13 attempts. In total he has 105 triples scored in the 19 games that has been disputed this season. A figure with which he battles himself as the fastest player to reach 100 shots out of three scored in a campaign, exceeding the 20 meetings I needed in 2015 and 2018.

The Curry thing is not normal. Or at least it shouldn’t be. But in the case of the Warriors point guard, we have already gotten used to the fact that these figures and exhibitions such as the one he gave against the Angelenos, busting the game with three totally different triples in a minute and a halfMay they be our daily bread. As ‘illegal’ as it is.

As dynamite Curry the matches: one triple, two triples, three triples and at home

If there is a player who is capable of discussing the reign of Stephen Curry this season it may be Giannis Antetokounmpo. If the Warriors point guard is the most decisive player so far this year, the Bucks’ Greek forward is the most complete player as he demonstrated again in the victory of the reigning NBA champions against the Indiana Pacers. An encounter in which the Hellenic player ended up with 26 points, 13 rebounds and three assists to give the Bucks the seventh straight win.

The Lakers can’t find the right gear to avoid suffering more than necessary this season. And many times, unfairly, a player like Russell westbrook of it. The point guard is a regular suspect in the league, but this time he’s innocent of many of the ills Angelenos suffer. In fact, the base is being the most consistent player on Frank Vogel’s team as he demonstrated with another good performance in the victory against the Pistons, in which he contributed 25 points with a great 62.5% shooting from the field, to which he added nine assists, six rebounds and one steal.


  • Clippers 90-105 Warriors
  • Pacers 100-118 Bucks
  • Raptors 97-109 Celtics
  • Grizzlies 128-101 Kings
  • Lakers 110-106 Pistons

The Sacramento Kings host the Memphis Grizzlies after two straight wins and looking for a third to secure the arrival of Alvin gentry to the bench. However, against the Tennessee team, nothing went as expected. The Californian team accumulated failure after failure after a fateful night in shooting with a 34% on field goals and a poor 9 of 42 from the triple.

And from the failures of Sacramento to the failures of Jayson tatum. The Celtics star lived a night to forget in Boston’s win over the Raptors. The forward ended the clash with eight points in 38 minutes after scoring only two of the 16 field goals he attempted.