Netherlands GP MotoGP 2022: Aleix Espargar, what a show!

Pecco Bagnaia took victory at Assen in MotoGP. But the show was put on by Aleix Espargar with a brutal comeback. That allowed him to cut in the W

Pecco Bagnaia took victory at Assen in MotoGP. But the show was put on by Aleix Espargar with a brutal comeback. That allowed him to cut in the World Cup. He gets to 21 points behind Quartararo.

Pol Espargar was low for his rib problems as a result of his fall in Germany.

the sky was foggybut it didn’t download. It was 22 degrees in the environment and 29 on the asphalt.

Bagnaia maintained the pole position. Quartararo went a bit wide and Martín and Aleix passed him. Fabio reacted at turn 5 and passed Jorge. Espargar is overwhelmed by El Diablo, but he returns it to him at once.

This gave meters to Bagnaia. The Aprilia man managed to get away from the Frenchman a bit. This time Barcelona or the Sachsenring were not going to happen with their early escape. The first objective for those who pursued him in the World Cup was achieved.

Bezzecchi easily overtook Martin to get fourth.

Aleix responded to Bagnaia’s attack by breaking the track record and didn’t let Ducati’s go by more than half a second.

Miller, who was sixth, complied with his penalty of going through the ‘Long Lap’ zone for hindering Viales in training. He was down to tenth.

Quartararo was equally comfortable. so much that Fabio tried to pass Aleix, but he made a mistake at turn 5. He fell… but dragged Aleix. The ’41’ had to go through the gravel. He lost a lot of time and spent 15, at 8.5 seconds. a drama. Everything was going to be investigated by the commissioners. The Frenchman also resumed the march, but already 24 and last at 20 seconds.

The incident clarified the panorama for Bagnaia, who already had a second income with Bezzecchi, who was close to Martín. Brad Binder and Maverick came strong from behind.

Morbidelli went to the ground at turn 5. Terrible mid-season.

Aleix came like a plane. He surpassed lex Márquez and Rins with solvency to be 13.

Darryn Binder, who was 18, crashed at turn 8. It wrecked his Yamaha, but he didn’t get hurt.

Fabio Quartararo had a technical problem and was going to his box. It was missing aerodynamic appendages. His chief mechanic asked him to come back. He did it in case it rains.

Martín was warned of a sanction for stepping too much on the green. Viales made a great pass on Brad Binder to be fourth.

Aleix passed Di Giannantonio and was 12. He kept the 8.5 away with his head. He was doing the fast lap, he had the pace to win, but…

Quartararo had a second every, again in turn 5. He was going slow and had a ‘highside’ (he left by ears). It was a hard hit with his head. He got up sore, but uninjured.

The eldest of the Espargars, meanwhile, surpassed Bastianini and was eleventh. Rins followed in his wake.

Nakagami was sanctioned with going through the ‘Long Lap’ for going too wide. When he returned, he already did it behind Aleix and just in front of Rins, with whom he had it on previous dates.

Espargar was grown. In a couple of corners he passed Zarco and Mir to get eighth.

To put even more emotion, some drops began to fall. The Race Direction already gave the notice that it allowed to change motorcycles. Viales overtook Martn to take third. Madrid, then, gave up more positions.

Aleix overtook Oliveira to get seventh. He didn’t cut anything, on the contrary, he even cut the head. Ral Fernndez retired with a physical problem.

Miller, a specialist, grew up and passed to Brad Binder. The sky hadn’t just rained hard and, at times, it stopped.

Miller was on top of Maverick to fight him for the podium and Aleix was close to Martn. There was a fight, but no one stopped to change motorcycles.

The Aussie tried, but he slipped and Viales gasped for air. Aleix s could with his friend Jorge to be already sixth.

Aleix was not satisfied and in the final chicane he overcame Brad Binder and Miller in one fell swoop. I finished fourth. Tremendous.

Bagnaia won, Bezzecchi achieved his first podium in the premier class and Viales made his debut in the box with the Aprilia.

Pecco got the thorn out and even dreams of coming back in the World Cup. “She was too long for me. We are strong.”