New York Knicks, power of NBA bench players

The Praetorian Guard of Tom thibodeau It is nurtured with new soldiers loyal to its boss, equipping New York Knicks of a unique essence.

The Praetorian Guard of It is nurtured with new soldiers loyal to its boss, equipping of a unique essence. Madison Square Garden returns to excite and vibrate every night with a team that can win or lose, but that transmits emotions and involves the entire city in its sports project. The coach knows what to play with the pieces he has and the defensive performance of the team rises significantly each time the second unit bursts onto the scene. Kemba walker It is an impressive decline in defense, while Fournier and Barrrett alternate days of inspiration with others totally denied, but those who never fail are the men who come off the bench and abuse the substitutes of the rival teams.

If this dynamic continues, there will come a time when , Obi Toppin, , and above all, , they will end up playing almost more minutes than the starters. All of them perfectly embody what Thibodeau seeks; an ideal mix between youth and experience, intelligence on the court and athletic ability, options to generate their own shots and success opening the court, as well as rebound and intimidation. A mob of faithful warriors at the service of the collective, regardless of the individual role they may have and aware that they are the alma mater of an enormously exciting team.

In the last three games, all the starters have had a +/- negative while they were on the court and the mess they caused had to be solved by a second unit that looked more like a fire checkpoint putting out the fire and putting order, than a substitute team of a basketball franchise. Young people like Toppin and Quickley are embracing their role and benefiting from the innate ability to Derrick Rose to make the team work like a perfect gear. The mythical base is to be a starter and if it continues like this it would not be unreasonable to think that it ends up taking that condition from a Walker who takes more than he gives. New York Knicks he looks to the future with optimism thanks to his substitutes, and if he manages to improve the starters, they can be unstoppable.