New York wants to join the Formula 1 party

Published: Friday, May 20, 2022 18:45

Another Formula 1 race in the United States? First Miami, then Las Vegas… and now New York. But no, it’s not confirmed yet. Not much less. F1 has announced that the American city wants a Grand Circus race in the near future.

Eric Adams, mayor of the city, has been in direct contact with F1: “Eric Adams’ government has contacted us to ask us for a race. I think it’s very difficult, his proposal was to go to Randalls, but It’s probably not our ideal place.”

But the reality of New York City is very complicated for F1. “I think the reality is that street grands prix in a place like New York are very, very difficult,” said Greg Maffei.

Las Vegas yes, New York no. At least for now. “Las Vegas is one of the few locations where you can do it, they have a different mindset. New York is a wonderful place, but it’s hard to get Central Park closed to us,” she says.

And the F1 boss defends what happened in Miami, which was heavily criticized even by some drivers like Lando Norris: “The television experience, the emotion, the general tone in Miami was tremendously positive. Very good, and I don’t think that will to go away, so I think if the first year issues are worked out, it’s going to be a great, great event.