NFL 202: The Cowboys, the most valuable team in the NFL; the Rams go up to #2, the Bengals are last despite playing the Super Bowl

LThe action returns to the grids of the NFL Thursday, with the Hall of Fame game that marks the start of the preseason for the league that dominate

LThe action returns to the grids of the NFL Thursday, with the Hall of Fame game that marks the start of the preseason for the league that dominates the list of the most valuable teams in the world.

Sportico published its list of values ​​of the 32 NFL franchises on Monday. Half of the teams 16, are above 4,000 million dollars, a figure that is only reached by three NBA teams (Knicks, Warriors and Lakers) and four Major League Baseball teams (Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers and Cubs). The power in the United States gives them the highest value, despite not being a sport as followed outside the American Union, but they dominate in the United States: 75 of the 100 most watched television events last year were professional football games.

The list is headed, as it has been for several years, by the Dallas Cowboys. “Team America” ​​is the only one above $7 billion (or $6 billion), beating the New York Yankees, who are second of all teams.

Speaking only of the NFL, the rams and their move to Los Angeles continues to pay off. The construction of the SoFi Stadium has raised the value of the team and they are already the second most valuable, displacing the New England Patriots. The three teams on the podium show the formula of being something more than a team, since they own their stadium and the real estate developments around it, which increases the value of their income.

The Rams are already the second most valuable team thanks to SoFi Stadium.

The average value of the equipment grew 18% compared to 2020 and is at $4,140 million dollars. They all went up in value, the last on the list, the Cincinnati Bengals, which despite representing the AFC in Super Bowl LVI, have the lowest value: $2.84 billion. The 32 NFL teams are among the 44 best valued teams in the United States, seven in the NBA and five in MLB.

How much are NFL teams worth, according to Sportico’s list?

  1. Dallas Cowboys: $7.64 billion
  2. Los Angeles Rams: $5.91 million dollars
  3. New England Patriots: $5.88 billion
  4. New York Giants: $5.73 billion
  5. San Francisco 49ers: $5.18 billion
  6. Chicago Bears: $5 billion
  7. New York Jets: $4.8 billion
  8. Washington Commanders: $4.78 billion
  9. Philadelphia Eagles: $4.7 billion
  10. Denver Broncos: $4.65 billion
  11. Houston Texans: $4.63 billion
  12. Seattle Seahawks: $4.39 billion
  13. Pittsburgh Steelers: $4.26 billion
  14. Green Bay Packers: $4.19 billion
  15. Las Vegas Raiders: $4.08 billion
  16. Miami Dolphins: $4.06 billion
  17. Atlanta Falcons: $3.88 billion
  18. Minnesota Vikings: $3.72 billion
  19. Los Angeles Chargers: $3.62 billion
  20. Kansas City Chiefs: $3.54 billion
  21. Baltimore Ravens: $3.44 billion
  22. Carolina Panthers: $3.36 billion
  23. Tennessee Titans: $3.29 billion
  24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $3.28 billion
  25. New Orleans Saints: $3.26 billion
  26. Indianapolis Colts: $3.25 billion
  27. Cleveland Browns: $3.18 billion
  28. Arizona Cardinals: $3.17 billion
  29. Buffalo Bills: $2.99 ​​billion
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars: $2.94 billion
  31. Detroit Lions: $2.86 billion
  32. Cincinnati Bengals: $2.84 billion