NFL: Betting, Predictions and Odds for Week 8 Games

Week 8 of the NFL so far in the 2021 season is burning because of the games it has shown, teams that started very badly have vindicated themselves

Week 8 of the NFL so far in the 2021 season is burning because of the games it has shown, teams that started very badly have vindicated themselves and some favorites like the Chiefs have gone from more to less.

Green Bay Packers vs Arizona Cardinals

The figure of the Packers, returns again to the desert, this scenario was the site of two pike eliminations in his career, in fact the wild card of the 2009 season, which was able to overcome a 31-10 to go to overtime, where Karlos Dansby He was able to recover a loose ball and went to the end zone to finish the first trip to the ARodg Playoffs.

For now, there will be a great match between a 5-1 team and the only one that is undefeated, Arizona, but be careful, neither of the two franchises reaches the top of health, remember that JJ Watt was left out of the season because he suffered an injury in the shoulder. DeAndre Hopkins so far this year has been received between cotton wool, which is why Arizona may have to resort to their third-team center, that’s while the Packers will not be able to have two of their main players and lethal weapons, Davante. Adamas and Allen Lazard.

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Tennessee Titans vs. Colts

This game means the AFC Final, although there are still 10 more weeks to go, the Titans could win, since they have three games ahead and the sweep over the Colts, would be a game that makes them add victories.

Recall that these two teams already met in Week 3 in Nashville, the result was 25-16 in favor of the Titans. Both franchises have been improving by leaps and bounds after that game, with Ryan Tannehill having his best game in yards and rating per attempt against the Chiefs and Tennesseee is coming off a series of wins by defeating KC and Buffalo at home.

Indianapolis have the best running defense in the league. In fact, technically Derrick Henry has four in a row and 100 yards or more against the Colts.

Where you can best see the greatest advantages of the Colts is on the other side of the ball, let’s go back to Week 3 when Carson Wentz did not come in all week because he had both ankles sprained, he still ended up playing but without much mobility. On the other hand TY Hilton did not play and Jonathan Taylor was depleted. Everyone is scheduled to return to this game.

Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons.

Sam Darnold has slowly gone into the abyss without the presence of Christian McCaffrey, with 68.2% completions, 8.3 yards per attempt and a 99 rating for the first three weeks at 56.34%, 5.61 and 61.3. This is where the receivers have not been able to help him much to say with the drops, so the line has gone to a drain, which could mean an exhaust valve. For their good luck, this week they will face the second defense that exerts less pressure so this would be to have a break against a unit dissected by Tua and which is among the worst five in total defense.

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