NFL Betting Trends Week 10 – Season 2021

Welcome to NFL Week 10 Betting Trends. CFour of the five most popular teams among bettors lost their lines in NFL week 9, so we're coming from

Welcome to NFL Week 10 Betting Trends. CFour of the five most popular teams among bettors lost their lines in NFL week 9, so we’re coming from a week when casinos filled their coffers.

Remember that, in the long run, it will always be preferable to be aligned with the interests of the bookmakers. In the end, the house always wins.

Let’s see if the trend repeats in week 10. These are the most popular bets of week 10 in the NFL.

Los Angeles Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

90% of bets are on Rams +3.5

On paper, this would be a good place to back San Francisco. Despite the volume of bets on Rams, the line dropped from 4 to 3.5, Kyle Shanahan’s teams are more effective against the spread as underdogs and this is also a divisional duel that has favored the 49ers in recent seasons.
Yet who dares to endorse San Francisco after the disastrous performances of recent weeks?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Football Team

79% of the bets are with Bucs -10

After a week in which several favorites did not cover the spread – or even worse, lost their games – the public is looking for the old reliable: Tom Brady the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The duel couldn’t be more uneven. Tampa Bay is the second best team in the DVOA rankings and they are coming off their bye week with extra prep time, meanwhile the WFT is twenty-fourth. Tampa Bay or nothing for this game.

Detroit Lions @ Pittsburgh Steelers

68% of bets are with Lions -7.5

In a rare but not impossible coincidence, both the betting public and the pros are rooting for Detroit this week.

It’s a short week for the Steelers after playing in MNF, then they have this game against the only team that hasn’t won this season and then a game on the doorstep against the Chargers in week 11 that will keep them thinking about the future. .

Obviously, it is not easy to back a team like Detroit, however having an underdog of more than one touchdown against the Pittsburgh offense is an offer that we cannot pass up.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Las Vegas Raiders

68% of bets are with Chiefs -2.5

Something is wrong with the Chiefs’ offense and they just can’t fix it. In addition, the league seems to have already found the recipe to stop Mahomes: take away the deep pass and press with four defensive linemen.

Until the Kansas City QB realizes that he has to take the short passes and move the chains methodically, this team will not be the same. Ah! and his defense remains one of the worst in the NFL.

New Orleans Saints @ Tennessee Titans

64% of the bets are with Titans -3

Tennessee is coming off an impressive three-game win streak against the Bills, Chiefs and Rams so the 3-line against the Saints looks easy, doesn’t it?

Without Derrick Henry, this is an average team that has walked under fire in recent weeks and the market is overvaluing them. On the other hand, there isn’t much to say about New Orleans’ offense, but their defense is the third best in the league in DVOA and they should be able to control this game.

Give me the Saints and the points to not only cover the line, but also to win the game.

These are the NFL 2021 Week 10 betting trends. We await your comments below this article and on our social networks.