NFL Power Rankings: Packers and Rams lose hope; the jets do believe

the ninth week of nfl It hasn't stirred things up too much among the league's most powerful teams, despite one of them, the Bills, falling badly on

the ninth week of nfl It hasn’t stirred things up too much among the league’s most powerful teams, despite one of them, the Bills, falling badly on their visit to the Jets. There is still one undefeated team in the NFC, the Eagles. We’re heading into the second half of the season, where the playoff races will pick up speed.

Buffalo and Philadelphia remain on track to be Super Bowl favorites, but behind them, Kansas City, San Francisco and other teams are ready to push down the stretch. Here’s a breakdown of where every team in the league is after the mid-season, from 1 to 32.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 10

1. Philadelphia Eagles 8-0 (previous rank: 1)

The Eagles were more methodical than dominant in taking on the Texans in Week 9, but they need to save their offensive and defensive weight for the long term, with a Super Bowl win and an unbeaten season, in that order, being the priorities. There’s still a lot of unfinished business in the second half, including winning the tough NFC East.

2. Buffalo Bills 6-2 (2)

Josh Allen didn’t play well again beyond his great early run, as the Jets’ defense, with Sauce Gardner under Robert Saleh, lived up to it in a big way. Buffalo is also showing a big problem against teams that get the run game against their defense.

3. Kansas City Chiefs 6-2 (3)

The Chiefs didn’t play their best offense again against the physical Titans, but they pulled out the win thanks to the passing, running and mental toughness of Patrick Mahomes. The defense did show up to close out the race before it was too late.

4. Minnesota Vikings 7-1 (4)

The Vikings aren’t racking up style points, but they’re doing what they’re supposed to with the offense of Kirk Cousins, Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook leading the way, supported by a well-timed complementary defense. Kevin O’Connell needs more rookie coach of the year attention as a gifted student of Sean McVay.

5. Dallas Cowboys 6-2 (5)

The Cowboys put it all together with a healthy Dak Prescott, run game and defense before the bye. They still have work to chase down the Eagles, but they’ve improved the makeup since the Playoff disappointment

geno smith

6. Seattle Seahawks 6-3 (6)

The Seahawks defense continues to improve each week with Pete Carroll’s fundamentals being the pass rush and outside coverage. Geno Smith can bounce back from big mistakes by relying on his big receivers and impressive rookie running back behind a stout line.

7. New York Giants 6-2 (7)

The Giants had a bye to recover after losing to the Seahawks. They need to find a way to build more offense around Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley. They also need to clean up their run defense.

8. Baltimore Ravens 6-3 (8)

The Ravens are seeing a lot of key offensive-skill players around Lamar Jackson get injured. But the running identity of him first is not going to change. His defense is also finding its rhythm at the right time.

9. San Francisco 49ers 4-4 (10)

The 49ers will be happy to be well rested and healthier for the second half of the season with Christian McCaffrey. Can they become the most diverse offense in the league? The defense, however, remains the backbone for another run to the Super Bowl.

10. Los Angeles Chargers 5-3 (11)

The Chargers have injuries to their offensive line, defense and receiving corps. But they have struggled a lot with Justin Herbert and Austin Ekeler leading the way with the pit stops. Brandon Staley is doing an underrated job as a coach with a thin team.

11. Tennessee Titans 5-3 (9)

12. Cincinnati Bengals 5-4 (13)

13. New York Jets 6-3 (14)

14. Miami Dolphins 6-3 (12)

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-5 (15)

16. New England Patriots 5-4 (18)

17. Los Angeles Rams 3-5 (16)

18. Washington Commanders 4-5 (19)

19. Atlanta Falcons 4-5 (20)

20. New Orleans Saints 3-6 (23)

21. Cleveland Browns 3-5 (24)

22. Green Bay Packers 3-6 (17)

23. Indianapolis Colts 3-5-1 (21)

24. Denver Broncos 3-5 (25)

25. Chicago Bears 3-6 (27)

26. Arizona Cardinals 3-6 (22)

27. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-6 (29)

28. Detroit Lions 2-6 (32)

29. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-6 (28)

30. Las Vegas Raiders 2-6 (26)

31. Carolina Panthers 2-7 (30)

32. Houston Texans 1-6-1 (31)