NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

Week 9 of the NFL concluded in a big way with a victory for the Baltimore Ravens on "Monday Night Football", making clear their great moment in the

Week 9 of the NFL concluded in a big way with a victory for the Baltimore Ravens on “Monday Night Football”, making clear their great moment in the league. After the rest of several of the candidate teams to fight, we present you which are the 10 best teams for the next action date.

The San Francisco 49ers were one of the teams that took their bye week

After a successful debut by Christian McCaffrey with the 49ers, they took the opportunity to rest during the week and hope to stay in the fight for the NFC West. They will clash against the Chargers in a duel in which neither team can give ground.

Kenneth Walker III proved to be a dominant figure running the ball against the Cardinals

There are already four wins in a row for the Seahawks, who managed to prevail against the Cardinals with a great performance from their running back staff led by Kenneth Walker III. They will have to face the Buccaneers in Week 10, in a difficult conference duel.

Zach Wilson had a correct game and showed his great form against the Bills

The Jets went in the best way to what will be their bye week and it is that they gave a blow of authority by defeating the Bills, mostly thanks to the versatility of their defensive game that annulled the rival efforts in the second half .

Lamar Jackson and his Ravens prevailed in a big way against the Saints in Louisiana

Baltimore seems to have found its best level again and added its third consecutive victory, this time passing over some battle-hardened Saints. They have a one-game lead in their division and will have their bye week on the new league date.

The Miami Dolphins managed to maintain the advantage and win in an agonizing way against the Chicago Bears

The Dolphins continue to maintain a good pace of play under the guidance of Tua Tagovailoa, adding a fairly close win against the Bears in Week 9. Tyreek Hill continues to earn every penny of his huge contract as the Hawaiian quarterback’s best weapon.

The Dallas Cowboys had a rest during Week 9 of the NFL

Finding Dak Prescott at his best after overcoming injury, the Cowboys took time off during Week 9 and hope to resume their fight against the Giants and Eagles in the NFC East. They have an interesting matchup against the Packers this Sunday.

Justin Jefferson continues to show why he is the top offensive benchmark for the Minnesota Vikings in the passing game

The Vikings are one of the surprises of the season, since given the poor level of the NFC North, they are solid candidates to keep the division title. His game is not particularly showy, but he has them with the second best record in the league.

The Buffalo Bills fell in surprise to the Jets in New York

The Bills again showed an irregular facet, as beyond their excellent group of offensive players, they were dominated in the second half by the Jets. Their loss was really surprising and now they will have to get back on the road to victory against a tough team like the Vikings.

Patrick Mahomes found in Travis Kelce the solution for a tough meeting between the Chiefs and the Titans in overtime

The Chiefs suffered more than they should against the Titans being forced into overtime, but they had Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce as an unstoppable duo on the offensive end. They have a lot to fix on defense ahead of the game against the Jaguars.

Jalen Hurts had another standout performance for the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 9

The Eagles managed to remain undefeated after beating the Texans without major problems, establishing themselves as the most dominant team in the league so far. Jalen Hurts continues at an excellent level and hopes to revalidate it next Monday against the Commanders.