NFL: This is how the NFL divisional rounds remain: Brady, against the best defense, Buffalo’s revenge on Mahomes…

TO three ring matches in the Sofi Stadium in Inglewood. It's the final stretch of the season 2021-22 of the National Football League (NFL), who fa

TO three ring matches in the Sofi Stadium in Inglewood. It’s the final stretch of the season 2021-22 of the National Football League (), who faces his hottest and most decisive moments. With the cold in each field, and several stories to fulfill. From the possibility of the fifteenth conference final to Tom Brady, their duel against a ‘defensive three-headed beast’ of The Angels or the young people in power, who want to take American football ‘by the guns’ of their own game.

the round of wild card I left several relevant stories that exemplify what a NFL Playoffs. For example, like the arizona cardinals did not make good on their great regular season in Los Angeles, the last game as a professional of Big‘ Ben Roethlisberger, in one of the quintessential competing teams, the Steelers, or the ‘humiliation’ received by the Patriots in Buffalo.

This is how the NFL divisional rounds remain

The divisional rounds of the NFL stand out for their participation, after having the ‘bye‘ in the ‘wild cards‘ of the two champion teams in each conference. The Tennessee Titans, in the American, and the Green Bay Packers, in the National. Both will play their two home games, divisional and conference final, prior to the Inglewood (California) Super Bowl.

AFC (American Football Conference)

Kansas City Chiefs-Buffalo Bills

Revenge is served on a cold plate, and in a duel in Arrowhead more than ever. It’s the repeat of the last conference final, in which the Chiefs swept the Bills. There, the iconic image of Stefon Diggs – star wide receiver for Buffalo– Observing the champions scored that tie. A year later the tables were turned and the Bills beat -sufficiently- Kansas in the regular season and his course can be more convincing than that of the pupils of Andy Reed.

But the post-season is another level. Both game and demanding at all levels. the match between Chiefs and Steelers showed that Mahomes He had regained his form, but the Bills by Josh Allen They come infallible. His first round had a perfect attack, without concessions and with the ability to fight at all levels. The forecast is uncertain.

Tennessee Titans-Cincinnati Bengals

One of the funniest games since the previous one. The surprising conference champions, titans, before the young force of the Bengals. Although it is true that the franchise that Joe Burrow commands from the position of ‘quarterback‘ was reinforced by the Raiders’ mistakes in the ‘Wild Card’, they have a young base that falls in love in the League.

And they can take advantage of some titans who have never played their big game in Playoffs. Ryan Tannehill, Despite the fact that he comes from a great course, he is not an expert player in the post-season and the big question is whether Derrick Henry force his return. At the moment, it is still a big question ahead of the match. So, it’s a shock’between novices‘ in these conflicts, and who knows if the force of the first times in Bengals it makes the difference.

NFC (National Conference)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Los Angeles Rams

The best game of the divisional rounds of the NFL playoffs. The best of all time, Tom Brady, against the best defense in the league, that of some Los Angeles Rams in a state of grace With one point to keep in mind, there is never any doubt about the ’12’ in the Playoffs. He has reached 14 conference finals, he knows very well how these games are played. To make matters worse, his attack works. In view of eagles he was able to combine different types of routes, without the need to force or force himself. With a defense, with Jansen and Wirfs, recovered is eligible to win.

But the rams they want the miracle. The SuperBowl is played on his field, the SoFi in Inglewood, and his great match against Cardinals makes it clear that the team Sean McVay wants a special ring. Matt Stafford is an achiever in the direction, the season of cooper kupp He is still a legend in reception and the defense is from another world. Ramsey as a terrifying receiver, and Miller and Donald to hunt down a Brady whose main defect (lack of mobility) is perfect to be taken advantage of by Californians.

Green Bay Packers – San Francisco 49ers

In the 2022 Playoffs debuts a special and unbeatable mix. It’s the Packers who finished the year convincing in their division and with Aaron Rodgers, again, in MVP mode, and his court, Lambeau Field, that when it’s cold it turns into hell. They may not have a full attack on all registers, but with Adams finding gaps and Jones running start as favourites.

Also because as little as they defend they can neutralize a Jimmy Garoppolo who is on the ropes. The 10 of ‘Niners‘ is a criticized quarterback, and the truth is that his game has not helped at any time. In view of Dallas suffered despite winning, and had to rely on a defense from another galaxy. Especially Nick Bosa, which follows is pure power in the hunt for rivals.

Thus, four games will give way to the conference finals. Uncertain prognosis of the four, although perhaps Green Bay is the franchise What better sensations has he left in comparison with his rival? Time of stars, balls that burn and limit errors. The ring is three stops away and the train is not waiting.