No ideas, no chances and no football

It is not known if the Deportiva de la Liga 2022-2023 is going to be more like the one from the first two days or the one from the next three, b

It is not known if the Deportiva de la Liga 2022-2023 is going to be more like the one from the first two days or the one from the next three, but the truth is that now the team has entered a spiral of poor results, little success, little goal and errors, many of them unforced, which make the staff doubt everything and everyone too soon. The Blue and Whites lost their third game in a row, second in a row at home, and remain in the lower-middle zone of the table. One more match without leaving the goal at zero and a defeat that generates restlessness and that makes everything seem worse than it is. 1-2 against a rival who did not know victory and who had only achieved one goal in 360 minutes until yesterday.

José Gomes changed the drawing as was intuited during the week, going from 4-4-2 to 4-2-3-1. Lacerda was the reference point and behind him were Tavares on the right, Hugo Vallejo in the middle and Naranjo on the left. Erik Morán played his first starting match in central midfield alongside Nwakali. In the rival, a 4-4-2, although in the course of the game several soccer players appeared in various places on the field.

La Deportiva was ineffective in attack, although Lacerda once again had a one-on-one with the goalkeeper who he saved. But Real Zaragoza was much clearer about what they had to do and the goal reaffirmed his convictions, while sowing doubts in the Bercian team and in his parish. Neither inside nor outside Gomes’s disciples found a way to sink their teeth into the aurinegra defense. On the right he still had some entry, but on the left it was impossible. So much so that late in the first half the coach put Hugo Vallejo on the left-handed winger and moved Naranjo to the midfielder.

The first dangerous approach came in a closed center by Paris Adot that Naranjo narrowly missed. But the rival soon got ahead. It was a long ball for Simeone in the 11th minute, he beat Pascanu with a hat and crossed low on Amir’s exit. From then on, a very confident Real Zaragoza and very fast in the starts, which brought the local defense into check. However, Deportiva was able to equalize in the 16th minute when an inside pass from Nwakali to Tavares and the latter to Lacerda left the Brazilian alone against Cristian Álvarez, perhaps a bit off-guard, and his shot was saved by the goalkeeper, just as he did with the subsequent shot of Orange.

In the 19th minute Giuliano Simeone and Mollejo bothered to head off a corner in which they were both alone against the sports goalkeeper. He also forgave Vada after a pass from the death of Simeone, who brought Pascanu home, and won the game again. Amir saved with one foot.

The game was a lot of work due to the large number of fouls from both teams. Vada tried again, this time on a free kick, but it went high. Erik Morán finished off the first corner weakly for Deportiva and on the other side Simeone overflowed again, already in the 37th minute, but he couldn’t in the cross shot with Amir.

someone finally threw

In today’s you have to play and play more and more. And take the ball from one’s own goal to the opponent’s. Almost no one shoots, almost no one risks. Finally someone challenged this idea and it worked. When Deportiva was having the worst time and the game was approaching half-time, a shot by Nwakali from 30 meters entered the top corner and fixed the first half for the blue and white team. A shot from Mollejo put the end of the first act.

Gomes slipped Ojeda into the spot of an unlucky Tavares for the second period. But the sequel started crooked again. Simeone was seen again alone in the area after a corner and shot the Berciano portal to put the lion’s team ahead again.

Edu Espiau entered through an orange tree that also went unnoticed. Before Nwakali had already tried again from afar and two advances from Zaragoza created unrest in the Ponferradina area.

Moi had to retire injured and Lukaku came on in his place. But the team hardly created any real options to think about the draw. The coach brought in Sabit and Raúl Arias, leaving Espiau in the lead, Arias on one side, Lacerda on the other and Ojeda as playmaker. Nothing came out, no one dared to throw, centers, few, and despair. And luckily Amir kept Deportiva alive with a header from Bermejo and the stick avoided Pucho’s goal on the rebound. But a deflected shot by Ojeda and a left-footed shot by Diéguez that Cristian Álvarez caught in two stages were the only dangerous thing that the blue and white team created.

The next appointment for sports training will be on Sunday 18 at 9:00 p.m. against Albacete at the Carlos Belmonte. The newly promoted lost the leadership of the classification this weekend after losing in Cartagena 2-1.

Today ends day 5 with Eibar-Málaga CF.