Not everything is football (there are also cars)

After the football, most players have a shared taste: luxury . In fact, there those who allocate their first salaries to buy those models that any common mortal would dream of having. It’s like marking a status symbol.

At an international level, there is a list of players with the best (and most expensive) vehicles. Among them is Cristiano Ronaldoowner of a Ferrari valued at two and a half million dollars!

The national cracks are not far behind. Although, his purchases are far from what El Bicho could pay, his designs are attractive.

EXPRESSIONS tells him who are the ones who have the best taste when it comes to acquiring these ‘jewels’. Do you rave about cars? Pay attention, because dreaming of having one of these costs nothing.

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Jhegson Méndez leaves for a Ford Explorer

He plays in Orlando City and is another of the highest paid Ecuadorians ($50,000 per month). With this, he can obviously give himself whatever luxuries he wants without any remorse.

Checking his Instagram account, two vehicles are seen: a white Flor Explorer (it seems to be the favorite color of soccer players) and a black car. It is noteworthy that these posts are somewhat old… Could it be that these are the two cars of your dreams or do you really not like to show off?

Byron Castillo, to impress in Mexico

The Tri team, who now plays for Club León in the Mexican league, already showed his passion for cars when he lived in Ecuador. His career in different teams, including Barcelona SC, allowed him to treat himself to the elegant Hyundai Sonata Hybrid in a white tone and one with a more sporty aesthetic, the Nissan 370Z, valued at approximately 50 thousand dollars. On more than one occasion he has boasted about them in his Instagram post and stories. Now the question arises: What will he change them for while in Mexico?

Felipe Caicedo, between Ferrari and Rolls-Royce

Thanks to his football career, ‘Felipao’ has been able to give himself a dream life in which luxuries are allowed. Not only when dressing, he opts for the best brands (Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Balenciaga, among others), but also when it comes to cars and has had several brands.

In Spain I used to go to train in a Ferrari, as well as in a Rolls-Royce Ghost model. The latter, valued at approximately 325 thousand dollars.

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Robert Arboleda and his Audi Coupe

The Ecuadorian who plays as a defender and is a member of both Sao Paulo FC and the Tri team is seen with little clothing (we are referring to a swimsuit) along with his most recent acquisition, a white Audi R8 Coupé, whose price It is for 170 thousand dollars.

In the Brazilian team he began receiving a salary of 30 thousand dollars, but there is talk that there was a considerable increase after the contract renewal. That would explain how he can keep the car he likes so much in his garage.