Nowitzki’s ordeal after retiring from the NBA

Dirk Nowitzki suffers from problems in his body ANDhe clearest example of 'One Club Men' in the NBA. The German power forward, Dirk Novitzkyspent

Dirk Nowitzki suffers from problems in his body

ANDhe clearest example of ‘One Club Men’ in the . The German power forward, Dirk Novitzkyspent 21 seasons defending the jersey of the Dallas Maverickswhich were made with him after he was chosen by milwaukee bucks with the number 9 in the 1998 draft. Loyalty and love for colors that they have ended up costing him a high price and a real ordeal in his day to day after writing the full stop to his legendary career.

“I keep thinking that surely those last two years in the NBA were not worth it. There were brilliant moments, of course, but the team did not do well and the reality is that I could hardly move anymore,” he acknowledged in his compatriot’s podcast Tony Kroos.

If I had retired two years earlier, I’m sure I’d be able to move better now.. I could play football from time to time with the children. Now I can’t even do that. It’s a great sport, a lot of fun. But if you can’t move like God intended, it’s hard. I try to play a couple of times a week, but I have almost no mobility. Almost everything I play is doubles matches, I hit a few forehands from the back of the court and not much else.“, lamented.

The consequences after more than two decades in the NBA haunt him today and physical problems limit the daily life of the best European player in history: “It is not easy to be clear when you have to stop. You continue enjoying, you continue motivating, the body is enduring… Now, the best thing is that I can organize my time. I can take a month off completely and dedicate myself to doing things at home with my wife. And then I can be a few weeks more active in my role as adviser to the Mavs. Now I am my boss. That’s why I told the Mavericks managers that this was the role I wanted now, I didn’t want to get into a full-time job.. I’m very comfortable like this,” he concluded.