October 8: the date on which Algeciras will be the focus and center of MMA in Europe

Ansgar Fighting League, in another of its events. /AFL 16 September, 2022 - 17:45Nerves, cold sweats, hard workouts and lots of adrenalin. The fi

October 8: the date on which Algeciras will be the focus and center of MMA in Europe

Ansgar Fighting League, in another of its events. /AFL

16 September, 2022 – 17:45

Nerves, cold sweats, hard workouts and lots of adrenalin. The fighters climbed into the big cage not knowing what the future held for them, as they could be the winners or stay in the attempt. More of 2,000 people lovers of the world of martial arts chanted the names that should be victorious, and to applause, the champions of The Battle of the Strait they were crowned Now, this event returns but in a big way to the Plaza de Toros in the town of Algeciras, which will focus on October 8 all eyes of the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Thus, the local promoter ‘La Batalla del Estrecho’ is associated with the largest MMA company in Spain, AFL, to organize an event never seen before in the province of Cádiz and which will have the title ‘The Battle of the Straits road to AFL‘. The relevance of the show will be very high, since AFL is one of the references at a continental level and a nursery for the main MMA promotions in the world. Fighters like Juan Espino, Joel Alvarez or Piera Rodriguez competed in AFL before being claimed by the UFC.

“Despite the fact that ‘La Batalla del Estrecho’ is a promotion with a single event, they are the only ones who bet on MMA in Andalusia and they really want to do things well and importantly. We have a good relationship with them and we decided to close this collaboration to try to help them grow and also for the show to serve as a ‘test bed’. Our intention is from 2023 to be, at least, once a year in Andalusia”, says Fran Montiel, CEO of the company.

The event in the Campo de Gibraltar will ‘be given the alternative’ to David Er Ramy (5 wins and 1 loss). The 25-year-old from Malaga (he will turn 26 on September 19) is called to be one of the main names of MMA in Spain in the coming years. The ‘Golden Boy’ will face a much more difficult man in the cage like the Italian Evasio D.Onofrio (12 wins and 7 losses). Er-Ramy caught the attention of the AFL public with two extraordinary wins before the deadline in 2021. Last June he had his first fight of the year and showed other qualities, beating France’s Ofken on points.

026A0190 - October 8: the date in which Algeciras will be the focus and center of MMA in Europe

the show, which will be held from 7:00 p.m. (doors will open at 6:00 p.m.), with a total of fourteen MMA bouts (seven professional and seven amateur) that will be played over three five-minute rounds. As for the fighters who will meet in the rented field, the presence of paul marconnie (5 wins and 2 losses), current AFL Middleweight Champion. The Frenchman will play a fight without the belt at stake.

In addition, the presence of two important Madrid fighters also stands out: the always combative David Mora (6 wins and 4 losses) and the promise Miguel Angel Lozano (3 wins and 0 losses). Finally, there will also be local talent. The Brazilian based in Algeciras Said Krykri (3 wins and 2 losses) will be part of the professional evening, just like the Gibraltarians Jyl Well (3 wins and one loss) and Shane Moreno (2 wins and 1 loss), who will face Marconnie, will also be present. To close the quota of athletes in the area, there will also be the Tarifeño Carlo Childwho will participate in an amateur fight.

LBE road to AFL

Of ‘The Battle of the Strait’ now come ‘LBE road to AFL’ next October 8. It will be rebroadcast on a deferred basis on a national television channel and another international one with reach in several Latin American countries, in addition, it will be possible to view it again live via streaming for pay-per-view.

Tickets, which range from 25 to 40 euros, already can be purchased on the AFL website (www.aflmma.es) and will also be available at the Algeciras Bullring box office on the day of the event.

The Ansgar Fighting League (AFL) is the largest MMA league in Spain and one of the most important in Europe, with almost 40 events held and being the only sports platform that has launched Spanish fighters to the famous and prestigious Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) American so far.

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David Er-Ramy (5-1) vs. Evasio D’Onofrio (12-7): middleweight.

Said Krikri (3-2) vs. Lucas Xavier (3-5): Light Heavyweight

Paul Marconnie (5-2) vs. Shane Moreno (2-1): Middleweight.

Miguel Ángel Lozano (3-0) vs Álex Herrera (3-4): welterweight.

David Mora (6-4) vs. Gabriel Lanza (1-2): lightweight.

Jyl Pozo (3-1) vs. Fabrice Yagoue (0-2): lightweight.

Imad Bouamri (5-5) vs. Weverton dos Santos (0-1): bantamweight.