OK to Kevin Durant’s mega operation, Curry threatened

is preparing a great eart

is preparing a great earthquake in the NBA around the figure of Kevin Durant. As in the calm before a storm breaks out, everything turned upside down when the player said that he wanted leave the Brooklyn Nets to go to another team and now the situation was in a kind of tense calm waiting to see which team unleashes hostilities to take him. That moment seems to have already arrived because the Miami Heat are going for it all.

Since USA post the miami herald that the Heat are going to throw the rest to take Kevin Durant. From the outset they start with an advantage since it was their own K.D. which was favorable to that option from the beginning, although later it seemed to fade little by little before the entry of interest from other clubs. One of the best positioned came to be were the Phoenix Suns but now the franchise, after getting the renewal of Deandre Ayton has had to withdraw from the bid and leave the way clear for the rest.

Now in Miami they are thinking about the formula to undertake an operation of such magnitude that can move the foundations of the NBA completely. The information that comes from the USA say they are considering the option of including in the trade Bam Adebayo to try to convince the Brooklyn Nets to let Durant gobut not only, but also the Heat are going to fight to get hold of various future draft picks and offer them to the Nets within this gigantic exchange of pieces. Therefore, in the same ‘package’ of this signing several players would be included only in exchange for Kevin Durant.

At 33 years old during remains the main object of desire of any club in the NBA but it seems that the one who is starting to win the race is the Miami team. The Heat want to regain glory and give his star Jimmy Butler the best allies on the court to go on to intimidate LeBron, Curry, Doncic and company and get into the fight next season for the ring.