Oleiros enters Ataquilla: tickets for shows can now be purchased online

The cultural shows scheduled by the

The cultural scheduled by the City Council for this coming weekend will be the first in which tickets can be purchased online, specifically through one of the most used websites, ataquilla.com. “Finally”, said the mayor, Ángel García Seoane, yesterday, after announcing this improvement that will avoid having to go an hour before to get a ticket at the venue itself (A Fábrica, Mera auditorium) to secure a seat.

From now on, all cultural shows in Oleiros will have ticket sales online and even from the municipal website you can access this page to make the purchase. However, the sale of tickets in person at the box offices of the auditoriums will also be maintained for those who prefer to do so or do not have internet access.

The first shows that already have tickets for sale online are Leira, a dance and music work by Nova Galega de Danza, which can be seen this Friday, April 29 at 8:30 p.m. in the Gabriel García Márquez de Mera auditorium ( 5 euros); and the next day, on Saturday, there will be Bea de Estrella (singer-songwriter who plays jazz, blues, pop, the Cuban sound and the fusion of the most traditional with other styles and lyrical lyrics), with Mareira, in the auditorium from the cultural center A Fábrica de Perillo at 8:30 p.m. The in this case is 3.5 euros.