On 11 occasions the Tico soccer final had to go into overtime

Geovanni Arturo Campos gave Cartaginés the championship by scoring the 1-1 equalizer in extra time. For the 11th time, the Costa Rican soccer final

For the 11th time, the Costa Rican soccer final was decided in extra time and only on two occasions did it not have to be defined by penalty kicks, after Cartaginés equalized the series at one goal per side in the final of the 2022 Closing Tournament .

The only two series that ended in 120 minutes was that of the Winter 2012, when Alajuelense tied Herediano at Morera Soto 1-1, after winning 2-1 in the first game and leaving the title.

Now in Clausura 2022 history repeated itself and Cartaginés equalized the contest, with a goal by Geovanni Arturo Campos, after winning 1-0 at Fello Meza and drawing agonizingly 1-1 at Morera Soto and winning the championship after 81 years.

Meanwhile, the remaining nine contests were decided on penalties.

The first time that the final went to extra time was in 1971, on that occasion the matches ended 2-1 and 3-5 and since the goal difference was not taken into account, it was decided from the white spot and the League triumphed 3-1.

It took 38 years for a championship to go into overtime again and this time Brujas and Puntarenas FC equalized in both matches 0-0 and 1-1 and everything was decided from eleven meters, winning the brujos 5- Four.

History repeated itself from that date more constantly in short tournaments and it was decided by auctions from the eleven steps. In the Winter 2010; the League defeated Herediano; in the Summer of 2013 Herediano accounted for Cartaginés and in the Winter of 2013 Alajuelense defeated Herediano.

For the Summer 2015 Herediano defeated Alajuelense; in the Apertura 2019 Saprissa beat Herediano and in the Apertura 2019 Herediano beat Alajuelense, all on penalties.