“On the 24th they will enter from all sides”

Salvador Jiménez, better known as Salvi, wears more than seven years in boxing And next Friday, September 24, he will fight Sergi

Salvador Jiménez, better known as Salvi, wears more than seven years in boxing And next Friday, September 24, he will fight Sergio González to make the leap to the Spanish Super Feather Championship. The beginnings of the fighter were Olympic, but the weight in which he competed (60 kilograms) was eliminated and he switched to professional boxing.

The dreams and aspirations of this young boxer are great, but if Salvi is clear about something, it is that training, perseverance and ambition are key to achieving his goal: be world champion.

Question: He was going to be a footballer and he landed in boxing, what was the reason for such a big change?

Answer: I was a bit moved and my father, as I got older, told me that I could not be from one place to another misbehaving. And so I got into boxing.

P: Did you manage to channel that nerve? It is always said that in boxing it takes a lot of discipline to hit head.

A: Many people are wrong about boxing, it is thought that it is only hitting sticks and it is totally false. It is a sport that creates humility, personality… boxing is very complete.

Q: How were your early years boxing?

A: The truth is that I took it as a hobby, little by little, I liked it more and I got better. My coach Domingo told me to do an interclub with another teammate, to test myself, I was good at it and I wanted to compete.

Q: After 7 years in Olympic boxing, you decided to make the leap to the professional category, what motivated you to do so?

A: I was going to the Olympics, I was on the national team, but the weights changed and mine disappeared. I had to move up a category and I saw it as giving away weight because my asset is strength. I got the opportunity to be professional and I went for it.

Q: From your years in Olympic boxing, what learning did you take away from it?

A: If I tell you the truth, everything. I created a good base because amateur boxing is everything, I did 107 fights and that is what has made me be here.

Q: What is your best memory?

R: My best memory was when I started to get titles: champion of Spain once, another, another … it is my memory.

Q: Are there many differences in Olympic boxing and professional boxing?

R: Changes completely. Olympic boxing is three rounds of three minutes, and professional boxing, depending on the fight you have, is 8,10, 12 rounds.

Q: Is professional boxing more physical?

R: It is more physical and harder because it changes the bandage, the glove… everything is more complicated.

Q: You spent many years training with Miguel Cuadrado, he decided to stay in Olympic boxing and you left, but is that union still there?

A: Yes, Miguel is like my older brother. We have been nine peak and shovel years and, although he has decided to stay in the Olympic, we continue to have the same relationship.

Q: When jumping into the ring, what is your philosophy?

A: To win.

Q: Do you have any rituals, before fighting, to help you be more confident?

A: Be sure not because I train like a lion. What gives you security are the training sessions, the work is there, then you have to go out, flow and win.

Q: During the pandemic, how did you meet the challenge of preparing without being able to go to the gym or not being able to compete?

A: It was hard for all the athletes, and more elite, but it has been harder for us because of the contact issue. In boxing you have to be in touch and it was complicated, but here we are.

Q: Next Friday the jump to the Spanish Super Feather Championship will be played, how do you face the fight?

A: Let’s say the fight is a pass to the Spanish Championship, to be more prepared.

Q: The challenge is not exactly easy because Sergio González has a long professional career, does he have a strategy?

A: On the 24th they will enter from all .

Q: Does it motivate you that the Spanish Championship is played in Valladolid?

R: For me it is a dream, and I hope God, all the championships will be played here at my house, in Valladolid.

Q: What is the objective of this fight?

A: The goal is to win, but the Spanish Championship is a short-term goal. I want to be champion of Spain so that it opens the doors of Europe and then the World Cup. Because that is my goal, to be a world champion.