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On this date the Formula 1 of 2022 will be released

Written in SPORTS CENTER the 1/17/2022 08:01 a.m.

The left a great taste in the mouth with the closing of his campaign that had Max Verstappen as his champion in the last lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on the British Lewis Hamilton, which also closed an era in the history of the competition, since by 2022 there will be substantial changes to the regulations and to the single-seaters.

In relation to the new single-seaters, these will play the asphalt with the new tires in Barcelona on the weekend of February 25 for the first pre-season work which will continue until March 13 in Sakhir, a week before the start of 2022 in Bahrain.

For . In fact, the Mexican asked for five races in 2021 to learn to work with the Austrian car with which he achieved his second victory in Baku.

The big story, on the other hand, will be if Max Verstappen can retain the drivers’ championship or if Lewis Hamilton will regain the top of the premier class of motorsport to place himself as the top winner in Formula 1 history over Michael Schumacher.

On this date the new Formula 1 cars for 2022 will be announced:

-Red Bull:

– Mercedes:

-Ferrari: February 16-18, 2022

– McLaren:

– Alpine:

– Alpha Taurus:

-Aston Martin:


-Alfa Romeo: February 10, 2022



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