Oran, on his 223rd birthday, prepares a great boxing party

August 1, 2022 – 01:43
It will be held on August 19 in Plaza San Martín. Free and free entry.

It will be a night of pure . As part of the celebrations of the 223 years of the city of , the Plaza San Martín will dress up next August 19 to witness once one of the main exponents of Salta, Ramón “Hormiga” Quiroga.
The boxer from Oran will be part of the 2 professional fights and 10 amateurs that will take place in a “stadium” that will be built in the iconic square of Oranenses and that will have among the special guests Alejandra “Locomotora” Olivera and Carlos “Malevo ” Jerez, the former welterweight from Tucuman who managed to make Saúl Canelo Álvarez feel his blows, in 1990.
It should be noted that the event organized by the promoter and former provincial deputy Mario Moreno, together with the coach Juan Carlos Videla and the Municipality of Oran, will be free of charge.