Oscar de la Hoya, once star boxer, risks tragedy

Oscar de la hoya Oscar de la Hoya, once a star American boxer of Mexican origin, ignores advice and is getting ready to return to the ring after 1

Oscar de la hoya

Oscar de la Hoya, once a star American boxer of Mexican origin, ignores advice and is getting ready to return to the ring after 14 years without throwing a punch. His age is 48 years.

For last September it had been announced that he would have a fight at the emblematic Staples Center in the city of Los Angeles, where he is from, and would face Vitor Belfort, a well-known mixed martial arts athlete.

But a few days before the combat took place (?) De la Hoya himself revealed (and photos of him sitting on a hospital bed were published), that “he was affected by Covid-19)” and that, therefore Therefore, their fight had to be called off.

Boxing experts, upon learning that De La Hoya was no longer going to fight, declared that “it was the best decision.” Although his decision came after being affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mexican-American fighter, winner of the only medal obtained by the United States boxing team at the 1976 Olympics, held in Montreal, Canada, has been healed for more than a month. it is not affected by Covid-19.

When it was thought that he would throw back his decision to return to the ensogados, the former winner of six world crowns in different categories, has declared that “I will be ready to step into the ring”.

In his last professional fight, held in December 2000 in Las Vegas, he was beaten by recently retired Filipino fighter Manny Pacquiao who dispatched him by TKO in ninth round knockout. In that fight the welterweight belt was contested.

Before, on May 5, 2000, also in Las Vegas (setting: arena of the mythical MGM hotel), De La Hoya was defeated – by split decision – by Floyd Mayweather Jr. In that fight the middleweight scepter was put into play junior (154 pounds) endorsed by the World Boxing Council.

De La Hoya risks the worst

The analyst consensus is as follows: De La Hoya, today a prosperous boxing entrepreneur, should not take a chance… risk even his life in an attempt to successfully return to active boxing.

As president of powerful promoter Golden Boy Promotions, he has made millions of dollars so, it is claimed, he has no need to go back to the nearly 49-year-old ensogados.

Three weeks ago there was a painful case: The one involving the former world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, who at the age of 58, wanted to return to the ring and was humiliated by the martial artist Vitor Belfort.

Analysts also believe that the authorities that govern world boxing should prohibit De La Hoya from returning to active boxing. Not allowing him to return to the ring and thus guaranteeing his physical integrity!

What if De La Hoya, on his return to the ring, suffers from a serious health problem? Who to blame? The same boxing experts ask themselves.