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Osvel Caballero obtains his second victory in professional boxing

Osvel Caballero defeated Venezuelan Pedro Pineda by technical knockout in round three. Photo: JIT

By way of technical knockout in the third round, Cuban Osvel Caballero sealed his dominance over Venezuelan Pedro Pineda in a fight included in a professional boxing poster organized in the Colombian city of Barranquilla.

“Hook to the liver followed by a flurry of punches,” he told HIT from the Elias Chegwi Coliseum the president of the Golden Ring company, Gerardo Saldívar, who considered the detention of the lawsuit fair, agreed to eight acts in the 130-pound division.

“Tremendous Osvel’s physique,” added the director of the entity that manages the presence of Tamers of Cuba in those circuits, where now there are nine consecutive wins for their exponents.

“The goal was met. Coach Rolando Acebal prepared the plan very well and I am happy with the result”, commented the world bronze medalist before declaring himself grateful for the support received from the Island in the face of his confrontation with an opponent who exhibited a record of eight wins, four setbacks and one draw.

Caballero, also a Pan-American monarch, reached two such joys, since on May 20 he disposed of the Mexican Joshman Reyes on the fast track in four episodes.

(Taken from JIT)

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