Outrage in Dutch football over racist chants against Brian Brobbey

Published: Tuesday, August 30, 2022 17:

Ajax footballer Brian Brobbey celebrated one of this weekend’s goals against Utrecht and immediately afterwards received racist insults from the most radical fans of the local team. Something that has outraged the Netherlands and the Eredivisie.

Brobbey reacted after the match, assuring that he had not heard anything at the time: “My brother told me that monkey noises were made. I couldn’t care less, it doesn’t move me. Let them talk, at the end of the day we won and They lost”.

Utrecht has already announced that the radicals are located: “We have the people who have shouted in the image. We will go after that. They may be small numbers, but they screw it up.”

The Dutch soccer league, for its part, condemned the events through an official statement: “The professional soccer prosecutor’s office is investigating whether the club can be blamed.”

“Previously, the perpetrators of discriminatory chants went free too often because the available images combined with the sound were not sufficient evidence. Let’s hope that this will not happen again in the future,” the note states.

Brobbey has received the affection of teammates and rivals after this unfortunate situation that he had to experience in a football match.