Ovallino boxer returns winner of friendly tournament in Santiago

By Luciano Alday Villalobos / Ovalle The Boxing Club Ovalle little by little returns to the competition, this time it did so through a friendly t

By Luciano Alday Villalobos /

The Club Ovalle little by little returns to the competition, this time it did so through a friendly tournament held in Santiago under the organization of the Huemul Club.

At this time, the delegation from Ovalline appeared with three of their athletes, among them one came out with flying colors, José Ignacio Tapia, who was living his first experience in the Metropolitan Region.

The from Ovallino won the two fights he faced by knockout, which fills him with pride and happiness, “it was a very good experience, it went very well for me and I am happy about that, because you can see the fruits of training, you persevere a lot and he is always willing to do his best, “he said.

José Ignacio managed to impose himself before the attentive gaze of the Santiago fans, since the event had an audience, “there were two galleries and they were full, so when I entered the same I felt a little nervous, because it is an area that I do not know, this was my first competition in Santiago, but I was able to get out of it well ”, acknowledged Tapia.

The other two representatives of the were Cristian Veas and Daniel Alfaro, who made a good presentation but ended up losing by number of points.

In any case, the ovallino coach José Flores agreed with what was presented by his managers, “the kids walked super well, they took a little step that is important for their growth, now we have to wait for new fights that allow them to go up in category ”, He pointed out.

Greater challenge

The three ovallino boxers qualified for the National Championship organized by the Chilean Boxing Federation, which will take place between December 8 and 16 in the municipality of San Miguel, Metropolitan Region.

“They are ready, they are new people but who fight well and who have personality, now they fought against fighters who have more experience, and for that reason they surprised me, I am very happy and with enough confidence to face the national team. From there they also draw fighters for the national team, so it is important that we go well prepared, ”said coach José Flores.

Boxer José Ignacio Tapia hopes to make a good presentation in what will be the greatest challenge of his career, “it will be a great challenge, I have always wanted to go and now that I have the opportunity I will give my best,” he said.