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Paddle and Golf: the new trends in sports that Chileans practiced in 2021

After a 2020 of quarantines and restrictions, the relaxation of measures allowed last year to be a period of return to physical preparation and the practice of individual, partner or even team sports. In this line, disciplines that were not used to being part of the daily practice of Chileans began to resonate, such as the case of paddle tennis and golf.

Easycancha, the leading startup in the management of sports spaces at the national level, delivered a ranking of the sports most practiced by Chileans during 2021, based on the thousands of daily reservations made through its application.

1° Tennis

The renowned racket discipline represented 40.5% of the year’s reservations in the application; Of these, the vast majority are male users, with 86% of reservations compared to 14% of women who use Easycancha. In addition, the average age observed in those interested in practicing tennis was 41 years.

2nd Golf

In second place is golf, with 19.4%, whose active athletes are on average 51 years old. It stands out for its ideal solitary practice for the current health crisis. Discipline was sought by female (15%) and male (85%) users.

3rd Padel

Padel was the surprise sport last year, obtaining an increase in bookings of 400% compared to 2019. This racket discipline represented 16.4% of the matches played by users, with an average age of 33 years. 84% of the Easycancha athletes who practiced this discipline were men, and the other 16% were women.

4th Football

Like every year, the classic pichanga also made a strong comeback. 15.9% of Easycancha reservations were for soccer; 95% of those who sought this discipline were men, compared to 5% of women. The average age of the players was 35 years.

5th Swimming

Swimming accounted for 3.7% of the reservations, with an average age of 33 years. This was the only sport in which men and women were similar in reserves, with 55 and 45%, respectively. It is expected that, with the opening of municipal swimming pools and the arrival of summer, it will grow in the Chilean daily routine.

What has happened in the last 30 days?

The holidays have arrived and paddle tennis continues to attract the attention of more athletes. In the last month it displaced golf, surpassing popularity among Easycancha users, with 17.2% of total reservations, compared to 9.8% for golf.

Likewise, as in previous years, swimming is conquering this summer season with 19.4% of reservations, remaining in second place, behind traditional tennis (30.4%).

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